Existing Zoning and Land Uses

The North Division Placemaking Hub is dominated by the western end of the Schmeeckle Reserve (zoned C-Conservancy) and the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point Campus (zoned U1-University Facilities District). On both sides of Division Street are dense parcels zoned Commercial (B4). The district also features a handful of Split Zoned and Planned Industrial districts, as well as a mix of residential uses, primarily Single and Two Family Residential (R3) and Multi-Family Residential (R4) along major arterials and Single Family Residential (R2) east of the UWSP campus.

Key Existing Reports

A recent master plan for the Division Street Corridor in Stevens Point leveraged much public input to guide proposed project concepts. This work can inform efforts to identify, confirm, and implement project priorities in the North Division Placemaking Hub.

Targeted Area Master Plan for the Division Street Corridor

Vandewalle and Associates developed a Targeted Area Master Plan for the Division Street Corridor that was presented to the public on April 25, 2019. The firm proposed three-character districts along Division Street as the primary redevelopment nodes for the plan. The following map displays the three-character districts.

Recommendations for each character district focused on a set of roles and goals to focus on during implementation. They are as follows:

Community Gateway District North Division District Campus Gateway District


  • Regional Employment & Retail
  • Community & Campus Gateway Form
  • Enhanced Suburban


  • Neighborhood & Campus “Living Room”
  • Campus Gateway Form
  • Transition to Urban


  • Community Form
  • Community Scale


  • Enhance community and campus gateway features
  • Improve street cross section
  • Complete pedestrian facilities
  • Redevelop underutilized parcels


  • Create urban street environment
  • Enhance pedestrian facilities
  • Reduce vehicular conflicts
  • Redevelop single use corridor to mixed use
  • Incorporate new housing opportunities


  • Reorient around 4th Avenue intersection
  • Enhance aesthetic environment
  • Enhance pedestrian facilities
  • Road diet

Proposed Areas of Focus

  • Run-down hotels and parking lots
  • Attract businesses with high internship/research relationships with UWSP.

Potential Policy Changes

  • Innovation Districts